At CERN, our work helps to uncover what the universe is made of and how it works. We do this by providing a unique range of particle accelerator facilities to researchers, to advance the boundaries of human knowledge. The Laboratory, established in 1954, has become a prime example of international collaboration.

Our mission is to provide a unique range of particle accelerator facilities that enable research at the forefront of human knowledge while performing world-class research in fundamental physics and uniting people from all over the world to push the frontiers of science and technology, for the benefit of all.


Ecoembes is the organization that cares for the environment through recycling and the eco-design of packaging in Spain. Our misión is to provide society with a collective response from financial players to the environmental concerns related to the consumption of household packaged products so that we can comply with the legally specified objectives while making the most effective use of the Company’s resources.

At Ecoembes we continue to partner with materials associations, private companies, universities and technical colleges to develop different studies and research projects in an effort to find new technical solutions that optimize every SIG process.

The Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno y Seebacher, as founder and first President on April 9, 2012.

The Foundation is committed to managing the heritage for the purpose of serving society, by developing concrete actions in different areas: study and care of the environment, support for scientific research and training programmes for young people.

The mission of the Foundation is also the conservation and restoration of the heritage of Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno, in order to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the entire society, through research and divulgation of its historical-artistic legacy.

With over 170 years of history behind us, Iberdrola is now a global energy leader, the number one producer of wind power, and one of the world's biggest electricity utilities in terms of market capitalisation. We have brought the energy transition forward two decades to combat climate change and provide a clean, reliable and smart business model.

We are the leading private utility in Europe and the second in the world by investment in R&D, according to the European Commission. In addition, Iberdrola is among the companies that most support startups across Europe. The group views innovation as a strategic variable for guaranteeing the sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness of the company.

Iberdrola is at the forefront of the use of digital technologies and is preparing to face a new era in which disruptive tools will be key to all businesses.

Founded in 2002, Optiva Media is a consulting company specialized in the area of the TV. Our team of 200 professionals covers all areas of the TV space from engineering to operations, media and metadata management, product design and development, research and consultancy.

Connectivity, on-demand consumption and multiscreen scenarios have transformed the TV scenario into a much more complex, multidirectional, highly personalized ecosystem. Research & Innovation (R&I) has always been a key area for the company’s development, as a result, our approach to innovation on TV has shifted from content distribution to smart data management. Optiva Media´s most recent projects are committed to the future of Digital tech and Digital cities with the promotion of Big Data and AI as key enabling technologies of the TV industry. From its start, Research & Innovation (R&I) has been a key area for the company’s development.

The Repsol Technology Lab is an example of one of the most cutting-edge private R&D models in Spain. It´s based on open innovation and a network of partnerships encompassing technology centers, businesses, and universities worldwide, whose objective is to seek sustainable solutions to achieve a more efficient and competitive lower-carbon business.

We have a global vision for innovation aimed at transforming the energy sector, focusing our main projects on the following areas of action: Mobility, Emissions reduction, Oil & Gas and Industry 5.0.

At the Repsol Technology Lab, we create new efficient methods based on our team´s talent, the development and application of cutting-edge technology, and an innovative and integrated management system.

More than 250 researchers work everyday to develop technologies and products that can be applied to each and every operation throughout the multienergy industry's entire value chain.

Telefónica is one of the world's leading telecommunications service providers. The company offers fixed and mobile connectivity services, as well as a wide range of digital services for individuals and businesses. It is present in Europe and Latin America, through its brands Movistar, VIVO and O2, among others, where it has more than 345 million customers.

Telefónica is a fully private company whose shares are listed on the Continuous Market of the Spanish stock exchanges and on the New York and Lima stock exchanges.