The evaluation consists on a two step process: Evaluation 1 and Evaluation 2.

Evaluation 1

To ensure the highest levels of transparency, Evaluation 1 will be done by Madri+d Foundation This evaluation will be carried out remotely by a number of Selection Committees each composed by international experts.

Each application will be evaluated independently and individually by members of a Selection Committee in line with the “Evaluation criteria” described in the Guide for Applicants.

Evaluation 2

Interview: Candidates who received a score above 85% in Evaluation 1 will be interviewed by the PhD academic and industrial supervisors.

Candidates will beevaluated according to the evaluation criteria described in the Guide for Applicants.

 All interviews will be internet-based using video calls and will be held in English.


Evaluation 1 - Results

The results from Evaluation 1 have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Candidates will be notified and results published in due course