PhD summary

The main objective of my research project is to design and implement novel self-supervised (deep learning) algorithms for time-series data obtained from soft-sensors. Recently, significant progress has been made in time series classification with deep learning. However, using deep learning models to solve time series classification generally suffers from expensive calculations and difficulty of data labeling. Time-series modeling has in recent years seen vast improvements, owing to the introduction of powerful new deep learning architectures but also to the ever-increasing volume of available training data. The deep learning models that we will target probably be consist of but are not limited to are convolution neural networks (ConvNets), Transformers, and Attention Models etc. Time series analysis helps organizations understand the underlying causes of trends or systemic patterns over time. Time series are used in statistics, signal processing, pattern recognition, weather forecasting, earthquake prediction, and largely in any domain of applied science. I will be attending secondments in two different countries outside Spain, in order to enhance my knowledge in deep learning.


Muhammad Jamal Ahmed, was born and brought up at Charsadda, a city with rich history in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. In 2016, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & IT from University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan. In 2017, He started job in Askari Foundation School and College, Shabqadar as a lecturer in Computer Science. In 2019, he got the opportunity and availed fully-funded scholarship in Kyungpook National University (KNU), Daegu, South Korea. He was working as a research assistant in Connected Computing and Media Processing Lab (CCMP). During his stay at CCMP, he published four international peer-reviewed journal articles. Mr. Ahmed also published several conference papers during this time and also got the best paper award at the Multimedia Information Technology and Applications (MITA) international conference, 2020 held in South Korea. Mr. Ahmed received the best Computer Science and Engineering Thesis Award for his outstanding research achievements in the graduate school of Computer Science and Engineering, KNU. In August, 2021 he earned his master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering with the title of Honorary Ambassador of KNU.