Saber Niazi


PhD summary

I am Saber, an early stage researcher (ESR) working in a Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) Research Fellowship programme entitled “SDGine for Healthy People and Cities” jointly granted by European Union and Iberdrola.

I am from Iran and I have a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran (CCERCI) and a bachelor’s degree in the same field from my hometown university, Kermanshah University of Technology (KUT). During the BSc and MSc studies, I got specialized in Multiphase Systems, Separation Technologies, CFD simulation and Transport Phenomena. I have been awarded a number of prizes and awards during my studies for my research activities and top educational achievements.

After graduation from my Masters’ study, I joined the Euroslot Pars Co. ( At Euroslot Pars, I was mainly focused on design, redesign and revamp projects of industrial multiphase separators, tower internals and filtration packages for a variety of application in Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel, and Energy Industries. During my service there, I successfully designed (and redesigned) over a hundred industrial-scale equipment for different applications. Moreover, I managed to hold some training coursed in multiphase separators in some industrial centers, for process design engineers.

I have a good background in lab-scale set-up fabrication and different laboratory analysis techniques. I am also well experienced in CFD simulation via ANSYS FLUENT in different fields such as multiphase flows, reacting flows, microfluidics, granular flows, heat exchangers, porous media, bioreactors, mixers, rotary equipment, gas emission at industrial sites. I am familiar with other software such as COMSOL, ANSYS CFX, ASPEN HYSYS, ASPEN PLUS and MATLAB Programming.

I am obsessed with industrial systems in gas, oil and energy sectors and always welcome getting engaged with optimization & debottlenecking the industrial processes.